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23. September 2008 by james 2 Comments
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Building an application for the iPhone has certainly been a steep learning curve, especially so if you’ve never done any Mac development before (and having actually used a Mac probably helps)…

Two weeks in to some on and off development has got me to a point where I’m now more or less happy I understand the fundamentals if not producing the best Objective-C in the world.  Along the way I’ve made some heavy use of the various tutorials and forums around and I wanted to share those in case they were helpful to anyone else.

Should save a couple of minutes with Google anyway.

Apple’s iPhone Dev Center – you probably found Apple’s own developer portal and whilst the documentation and videos are perhaps not particularly beginner friendly, the sample code is a very useful resource.

iPhone Noob – a decent set of tutorials that take you from creating basic views etc through to using async AJAX calls in a pleasant, readable manner

iPhone Dev SDK – a collection of forums which includes some tutorials but there’s a lot of useful information in there ready to be found through other’s questions

Apple’s developer mailing list – not iPhone specific but a good place to search for Cocoa help

This isn’t an iPhone development blog so I don’t want to go into too much detail but I can see a post upcoming with a couple of the code nuggets I’ve found to be helpful.  If you’re interested in test driven development for the iPhone it looks like google-toolbox-for-mac open source project is probably your best bet although it isn’t something I’ve tried yet.

Let me know if you know of any other useful resources.

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