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Converting those Egg statements to OFX (and getting them into Wesabe...)

27. November 2008 by james 3 Comments

I use my Egg credit card a fair amount and one of the things I've wanted to try for quite a while is to get some of the data into Wesabe to look at my spending.

Unfortunately as there is no option to download statements from Egg which Wesabe's import functionality relies on, there's no easy or obvious way of getting the data across.

Chris Roos addressed the problem some time ago along with Lloyds TSB and HSBC and provided some Ruby scripts which would log into Egg, retrieve the statements and convert them into OFX which in turn Wesabe can import.

I know a number of people have had issues in trying to get the scripts running due to a lack of familiarity with Ruby so I put a quick page together which converts the statement text into OFX.  If you have the Wesabe firefox plugin installed then it should offer you the option to upload the resulting OFX straight into Wesabe.  The advantage here is that there is nothing to install, no security credentials are required (you never give them out to anyone but your bank right?) and no personal information is necessary outside of the transactions themselves.

It should work with both recent transactions and monthly statement pages.  Seems to work ok but if it does upload some rubbish then you can always remove the upload from within Wesabe.

The page is here, give it a go and let me know how you get on...

(It should go without saying that the utility is not sanctioned or endorsed by either Egg or Wesabe)

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