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[29 Jan 2009 | 0 Comments]

It's been nearly 15 years since Stanford Federal Credit Union started offering online banking services to all it's customers and the revolution of internet banking began, in that time the fundamental service offered has remained largely static.The years have seen various developmen... [More]

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[12 Jan 2009 | 0 Comments]

Today Chris Skinner wrote about Microsoft Tag, the latest means of using images to represent textual data or URLs.  Chris rightly links these to Quick Response (QR) codes but I think misses one important difference about these tags compared to what we've seen before... [More]

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[9 Dec 2008 | 1 Comments]

In my last post I described a means of using Grease Monkey and javascript to add extra functionality to web pages and in my previous example I demonstrated adding extra functionality to an online banking page.  At the end of that post I asked the question as to whether this was something that c... [More]

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[10 Sep 2008 | 1 Comments]

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a look at the iPhone SDK and ran into the same barriers that probably thousands of others have: You need a mac – ok, that’s not going to come as a total surprise and there are those who have set up compilation tool chains under Linux but I don’t want to ... [More]

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[1 Sep 2008 | 0 Comments]

Having largely switched my day-to-day usage from Vista to Ubuntu, I’ve been keeping my eye out for the software tools that I consider vital for my set-up. RSS reader client Media player Virtualisation platform RSS Client Ubuntu does have a number of RSS clients with... [More]

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[22 Jul 2008 | 1 Comments]

In a previous post I alluded to Vista not being my favourite OS of all time.  I want to clarify that I’m not someone with an intense dislike for all things Microsoft, I use their products every day, through choice, and am happy doing so. Clearly there has been many thousands of words written a... [More]